Watch as Austin takes us behind the scenes and gives his fans real life survival tips. Share on social media using #SurvivalsEnd.  Also home for events and competitions.

Scavenger Hunt


 Grand prize winner – gets a 15 min one-on-one chat with Austin via Google+ 

 1st place winner –  gets a hoodie or long-sleeve T-shirt of their choice

 2nd place winner –   T-shirt from the store

  3rd place winner –  signed 11 x 17

How to play:

You must get at least 15 questions correct in order to be considered a winner.

You must be following Austin on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, YouTube, and Facebook in order to be considered. 

Ties will be broken by people following Survival’s End on Facebook and Twitter plus tracking Austin on Bandsintown.

Entries must be received, via private message on Austin’s Facebook, by 6pm Eastern Time on Saturday, February 20th, 2015 in order to be considered.  Answers posted on any social media page itself will not be counted.

The Questions:

  1. What day did the Facebook page become the Official Fan page?
  2. What was Austin’s first announced convention for 2014?
  3. Who scored the 1st interview with Austin after his return and what is the name of the program it was featured on?
  4. What was Austin’s first overseas convention in 2014?
  5. Name all of the places/ways you can follow Austin. (hint: we’re looking for at least 7)
  6. How did Austin end his first ‘video’ message to his fans?
  7. What are some of his favorite martial arts?
  8. What is Rule #1 in a fight? (hint: Martial Arts Improv)
  9. Did Austin ride his own bike in “Forever Red”?
  10. What was Austin’s first Tweet?
  11. Finish this Tweet from February 10th:  I can __ ____ ____. ____ ____ and will ______.  ______, I choose __ ___ ___ ___ ____. –ASJ
  12. What 2 links/web addresses does Austin have on his Instagram profile?
  13. What day was the Survival’s End logo posted on Austin’s IG?
  14. Who was Austin with in his very first picture on IG?
  15. What con did Austin announce on Valentine’s Day on Tumblr?

Austin’s Survival Tip #28

Dry vs. Wet Fire

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