About Survival’s End

Watch this short video as Austin St. John explains the story line, how his real life training prepared him for his starring role, and how YOU can help.

Austin’s Mission:

To find and protect the uninfected  and present a civilized exit strategy for those whose fates are already sealed. Their only hope: to stay alive long enough for a vaccine to be developed.  But, the deck is stacked severely against them….

Your Mission:

Help Austin and his team raise $275,000 to cover the production costs and make this film possible. Your donations will compromise 30% of the total production costs.  How? It’s simple – just visit our IndieGoGo project page, select your level of support, and tell everyone you know about this project. Together, we can make this happen!

A huge THANK YOU to Valencia College’s Film Program in Orlando, Florida for their generous support and commitment.

Make sure you visit back frequently, follow along via social media, and check out Austin’s page for regular updates.

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