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About Austin St. John

Austin was born into a family of “crime fighters” in Roswell, New Mexico.  Every member of his family was, or is, in the military and/or law enforcement.  His father, an expert in the martial arts, began training Austin when he was five years old.  His Mother put him into his first Judo studio at that same age.  Austin quickly learned that fighting was not about winning, and still holds the tenets of the martial arts close to his heart:





discipline, and


As a military brat, Austin and his family relocated throughout his youth. He studied a multitude of mixed martial arts disciplines and even delved into the American sport of boxing. By his mid-teens, he had also become proficient with both firearms and throwing knives.

One day, a friend dared him to try out for a part in a brand new children’s series, which would become Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (MMPR).  Austin had never really considered acting and required more than just a little convincing.  He finally agreed to go to the audition for two reasons: First, his very wise Mother encouraged him to do it, and second, a friend actually bet him twenty bucks that he’d land the part.  Austin took the bet, went to the audition and eventually landed the role of Jason Lee Scott – the Red Power Ranger.  He thanked his Mom, but actually still owes his buddy the twenty bucks…something they still joke about today!

After its debut in 1993, the show instantly became a worldwide phenomenon, and Austin went on to film eighty-one episodes of MMPR. The Power Rangers were everywhere, in action figures, posters, Halloween costumes, games, and much more.  In an effort to put his new found fame to good use, he appeared in several carefully selected public service announcements for charitable organizations, including “The Special Olympics” and DARE.

The series became so popular that when the Power Rangers held a series of shows at Universal Studios Hollywood, Tom Brokaw reported that they helped Universal set a single-day attendance record of 35,198 on Feb. 21st, 1994.  The streets were choked with both cars and people for over eight miles down the 101 freeway.

Austin eventually left MMPR due to a contract dispute but later returned to film eighteen episodes as the Gold Ranger in a later series “Power Rangers:  Zeo.”  After that, Austin continued to be involved in many projects, including Turbo: A Power Ranger’s Movie, and  Power Rangers: Forever Red.  He hosted a TV special, Power Rangers: The Lost Episode and produced a children’s instructional video packaged with a book co-authored by Steve Rowe titled Karate Warrior: A Beginner’s Guide.

After being in the spotlight for many years, Austin was ready for a break from Hollywood, so he decided to take a sabbatical and experience the world. Austin traveled and trained in martial arts all over the globe, and eventually ended up in the D.C. metro area where his family was living at the time. 

A couple of friends who worked in the medical community suggested that he volunteer at the local rescue squad – he did, and loved it. He became a nationally registered paramedic (NREMT-P), and worked in the D.C. metro area in that capacity. 

Coming from a military family, Austin has always felt the need to serve his country. He was at a time in his life when he was ready, willing and able to answer the call. He accepted a position as a Medic and/or Tactical Medical Operator (TMO) and was attached to various US military operations overseas.

What is Austin St. John Doing Now?

Austin was often recognized by his patients and military contract/personnel. Many of them were fans of MMPR, and shared with Austin that his character was one of their childhood heroes. They hoped that he would consider acting again, or at least reconnecting with his loyal fans. They helped him make the decision to step back into the spotlight today; Austin St. John is now “Back to Action!” 

Austin is working hard to continue to spread his positive message, fight negative influences in the world, and get back on the big screen, but he can’t do it alone.  You can help!  Become a part of Austin’s campaign by following along on social media, and helping him to fund his projects and other programs he supports!

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