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Survival’s End….Where nothing is as it seems.

With the recent Ebola outbreaks, the time is right for this edu-fictional story of personal preservation.  Filled with real life survival tactics, star Austin St. John brings his training to the screen in an action packed, fear-filled story that will render viewers speechless.

While other films have explored the containment and vaccination protocols of viral outbreaks, multi-award winning writer/director/producer Daniel E. Springen presents a grim vision – a rogue self-replicating virus that cannot be controlled in this sci-fi thriller.

How You Can Get Involved

You – yes, you – have the opportunity to make this movie come to life.  Start by visiting the IndieGoGo page.  You can support by pledging as little as $20.00 or as much as $12,000.  Every dollar counts, and every dollar gets recognized.  So, if you are a fan of sci-fi, Austin St. John or just want to be part of a groundbreaking thriller and get free stuff….get involved today! 

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